Benefits from geothermal energy

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01 Heat accumulated inside the Earth is inexhaustible, and what is more, it is uninterrupted and provides secure supplies of energy

02 It reduces the need for costly investments in low-carbon technologies and renovation of old heating equipment

03 It provides independence from energy price increases

04 Green energy — it does not generate any toxic wastes, has zero emissions of CO2, NOx and SO2, and it allows for a significant reduction of current emissions of CO2 and SO2

05 It reduces the price of heat — low operating costs

06 Amongst the RES, geothermal energy is characterised by the highest utilisation rates for operation and capacity of 70–90% per annum

07 Diversification of sources of heat

08 Safety of operation — failure-free operation of the geothermal heating system

09 Creating jobs


Benefits for Poland:


1 Reduction in dependence on imported gas

2 Increase of the share of renewable energy sources in the energy balance of Poland

3 3 Reduction of emissions of CO2, NOx, SOx and dusts of other hazardous substances formed during the combustion of coal

4 Guarantee of a stable and predictable energy price in the long term — 20 years

5 Creation of new jobs through additional use of geothermal water for recreation, balneology, greenhouses, etc.


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